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You got your dream body in lockdown?

"You got your dream bodies in LOCKDOWN???"

Yea, sometimes it shocks us too.

At the end of 2019, I was struggling with an extra 10-15 pounds from having a near-fatal accident, surgery, and not being able to workout and really struggling with food during that time. The depression of a near fatal- accident (I fell down a bridge on my bicycle which lead to two years of surgeries and physical therapy), watching my career dissipate over night, and not being able to move my body really packed on the pounds.

At rock bottom, I KNEW I had to change. My life was miserable. I dreaded getting out of bed in the morning, and I had no confidence or drive in our relationship. I was so ashamed of my body, I didn't even want to go to Disney, or leave the house for that matter.

I regularly worked with a therapist, learned how to reclaim my relationship with my body, and started working out in a gym again. However, the coping mechanisms I developed in the pre-pandemic world, would not work for me in a pandemic world.

March 12th: I was in NYC and quickly learned the world was about to flip outside down. I hopped on a plane to Vancouver before the borders were expected to close. Tyler had booked flights to come to NYC the following week, and after the NBA and Broadway shutdown, we had a gut feeling that was not a good idea.

A few days after I got to Vancouver, the gyms closed, and our daily environment changed.

There was a pivotal moment where I knew I could use this as an excuse, or I could choose to come out of this experience better than before.

Tyler and I worked together, and created a beautiful system that we are so excited to share with YOU. From that, I can now proudly say that I have gained a lot of muscle, and lost nearly all of my fat DURING covid!

I fit back into my clothes before my accident (which I could not wear from the time I started gaining weight). I feel confident and sexy in my dance classes (whether that's online or in person). Though we are back in a lockdown, we have built a system that keeps us from spiraling.

Tyler had the opposite goals. He was barely 170lbs which was underweight and far from my dream body, and now he can proudly say he is 200lbs of mindful mass!

And this didn’t become possible because we got lucky or because we are some kind of extraordinary couple. It became possible when we put our stake in the ground and built a framework that works.

So, that’s our story. This story may relate to you because…

You might struggle with how to workout when your gyms and fitness studios are closed.

This may also relate to you, because you now share your space with your partner 24/7. You might be struggling with your weight or body changing in quarantine.

You may not know how to workout in a way that increases muscle and decreases fat.

You might find one another enabling bad habits, when you know you really want to be in the best shape of your life to feel confident and sexy with your partner, to travel the world, or dance until you’re 90.

If you want to learn our secret formula, the formula that has helped us AND our clients achieve their dream bodies, book your dream body consultation today!

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