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How to eat sexy on a budget.

Covid is unpredictable. Lockdowns are inevitable. Your income might be fluctuating more than the temperature in Ohio right now. Or your bank account might look more like the Sahara Desert.

You CAN eat sexy on a budget.


Here are my top tips: Grocery Shopping:

  1. Buy your protein first, this will be the bulk of your cost (Eggs, egg whites, turkey, chicken, tofu, tempeh are cheapest) Protein Bars: I hate to say it but protein bars are cheaper on amazon: My Favorite Protein Bars There's also some chips on Amazon called protein popchips which are a great snack, high protein, healthier, and cheap in bulk. Beyond Yourself is actually not bad for a market price protein powder, otherwise it is OK to not use as high quality of a protein for a couple of months. I defintiely recommend high quality when you can get it & afford it, but sometimes we just do the best we can. Again, better than eating McDonald’s every meal.

2. Prioritize fresh fruits & veggies: bananas and apple are always cheapest, and whatever is in season) 3. Least expensive sexy carbs - Rice, beans, pasta, oats, potatoes (Whole, gluten free, buy in bulk, build sexy curves) Extra tips: I freeze EVERYTHING. I do not waste a thing. Banana start browning? I peel them and throw them in the freezer. This goes for almost all veggies and fruits, and then I make yummy, healthy, delicious smoothies out of them. 4. Say “see you later to alcohol” - Ouch. I know. This pandemic is hard enough. But if you truly want to feel good and sexy, prioritize your money where it matters. Alcohol only gets you your dream body when you are 4 vodka shots in. (News flash, it lasts temporarily) 5. Make your coffee at home - Again. double ouch. $5 a day adds up FAST. Oh that croissant looks YUMMY, can I get that too? I swear I lose consciousness when that phrase slips out of my mouth. 6. Eat at home, take a break from eating out - No matter how you add it up, eating out is expensive, and those delivery fees and tips and charges add up FAST on UberEats and Doordash. If you really must eat out, set a goal of eating out 1-2x/month. You will save LOTS of money and you will FEEL super sexy without all the salt and oil. . 7. Order groceries online - You can still pick them up, but here is the best thing about ordering online: there is no surprise when you go through check-out. Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by the check-out number. "I SWEAR I only put $50 worth of groceries in here, HOW was it $125???" This is one of the best ways to control your spending because you can just hit “delete” without the guilt. I have a really hard time putting things back when the check-out person gives me shady looks. 8. Finally, meal prep saves you loads of money. Here are two of my favorite places to start: Meowmeix has a lot of blogs on her website where she writes out her shopping lists from Trader joe's so you are not wasting ingredients for a solid meal prep. Meow Meix 1800 Cal Meal Prep I also used to use Beach Body's meal plans to avoid overspending and keeping my budget around $50/week. I do not love the fact they are called beachbody. But it helped me with my finances and fitness goals, on a budget. You simply choose your energy intake and go. Beach Body Meal Prep Ideas

What are your favorite tips for eating healthy on a budget? Comment below!


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