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Siren of the Pacific Productions



While escaping their respective lives, two strangers meet in a group surfing class and form a bond that helps them begin the process of healing. 



After a near-fatal accident, Riley finds herself escaping to Rockaway Beach, NY. She is searching for a new-normal in the waves of the ocean by taking up surfing as a hobby. Logan is searching for the same solace Riley seeks in the waves while recovering from breast cancer surgery and awaiting news on whether or not he is cancer free. What starts as two souls running from their respective lives becomes a journey of hope, friendship, healing and the realization that we are stronger than the things that hurt us.

Co-production with Candid Life Entertainment 

Filmed in: Rockaway Beach, NYC; Warren, OH; Vancouver, BC

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In the near future, a couple stops for wedding photos between their wedding and reception, but chaos ensues when free-will and technology collide.

Co-production with Sayhota Entertainment

Filmed in: Kelowna, BC

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Biggest Fan

Coming soon

Co-production with Candid Life Entertainment

Filmed in: Youngstown, OH

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