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Do you want to get off the hamster wheel?

What do you want in 2021?

What did 2020 reveal to you?

I’ve spoken to so many people who have confirmed their year was actually a miracle in disguise but they are afraid to admit it when there is so much suffering present. ⠀ I also have to be brave enough to admit that after much reflection, my 2020 has been a blessing in disguise and it’s wrapping up with deep gratitude greater than I’ve ever felt.

When I was ten, I begged my mom to get my first hamster. I loved this little dude, until I realized that he ran on a hamster wheel ALL hours of the night. I still loved the little guy, but he went from being right next to my bed on my desk, to as far down the hallway as possible. After a few sleepless nights, there was no way he was staying in my room. I always wondered... why does he find joy running on a hamster wheel? And why at night?

Little did I know, my species of hamster was nocturnal, lol. But that did not come with the "First Weeks With Your New Pet" instructions from Petsmart. I went back into the store, demanding something must be wrong with my hamster becasue he only ran at night. (Google wasn't readily available yet). And I was not thrilled with the response, but like all things, I learned to adatp and live with it.

Until the first lockdown, I was running on a hamster wheel. When we were all forced to stay at home, in one place, and all of the space in my calendar turned from multiple colored boxes of all the places I had to be for work and workshops went to white, I felt anvils lifted off of my shoulders. Yes, there was a very real pain to all of the suffering that was happening around the world, and the frustrations of lockdown. But, I slowly learned that I was running myself empty on a hamster wheel going nowhere.

That is the lie about our society.

Soceity makes us believe we have to do more to be more. We must do more to live more. We must make more money.

I slowly learned, that by doing less, I was living more.

Do you want to work to live or live to work?

The busier you are, the more you feel like you have to do. The to-do list never ends. And before you know it, you snap at the postal man for no legitimate reason, but you are SO frayed to your wits with stress, that it pops out before you can stop it.

2020 was the secret blessing I didn't know I needed. 2021 is designing my life and my future. That includes working less, living more, and adopting minimalism, cutting out plastic and other things harming the earth, and becoming digital nomads.

We are going back to our roots.

Stress is the silent killer, and the underlying villain of almost every disease and ailment in the book.

Eliminating stress, and choosing to live over work, may look like radial declarations, or whispered promises.

With that, I am here as your guide for some melt classes to destress, and in those pauses, maybe you will find your radical pursuit, and your voice.

Thank you for all of the time you have shared with me, and whether your time in the future is spent relaxing with me, or destressing in how you feel called, I hope that above all else, you choose your most wondrous, divine, prized posession: you.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the happiest New Year and I hope you live the hell out of it!

Xo M

PS - I am still teaching on

Some exciting changes have arrived like class packs.

Some exciting changes are to come, like watching classes later.

Until then, you can find me Wednesdays 7 PM EST, Fridays 6 PM EST, & Saturdays 12 PM EST.

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