Online Personal Training

Hi! I am Makayla, and I am originally from Ohio. I started my fitness career in my parents bodybuilding gym (lol, just kidding), I started my curiosity there, but received my first certification in Pilates while living in NYC after a near-fatal accident. I managed to defy gravity on my bicycle down the manhattan bridge, and landed myself in an ambulance. This moment sent me down a path of figuring out how to put my body back together through physical therapy, pilates, the Melt Method, and bodyART. I was introduced to my fitness mentor, a super woman, Marisa Merliss.


Not only did I make a full comeback, I am stronger and understand more about my body than ever before. I feel more in touch with my body, how it moves, and appreciating every inch of it now. My goal is to empower you to feel like a dancer, feel confident & connected with your body, and overcome injuries/chronic pain to become a stronger version of yourself.

I help women feel unstoppable in their lives by building muscle so they can unleash their inner superhero.

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