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My Story 

In August of 2016, I was told that I would never dance again from a life changing accident and injuries. I was determined to dance again, and bodyART and pilates made that possible. At the end of 2017, I completed my 600-hour comprehensive pilates certification and level 1 bodyART certification in New York City. My purpose is to become a better version of myself everyday while fuels my mission to give others the tools to do it themselves. I want to help clients reach their goals in a supportive environment, while developing them as well-rounded humans. As an instructor, I take an injury-prevention first approach, and encourage students to listen to their bodies and take the necessary steps to take care of their instrument. 


My passion for an injury-prevention approach developed out of my recovery from multiple injuries on a performing contract as well a bicycle accident. I have realized in this time how important it is to develop strength in the core, and the delicate balance needed in the body to prevent injury through methods of Melt, BodyART, pilates, and supervised weight training. As someone with experience in teaching dance classes, serving, and performing, I have excellent communication skills, especially when it comes to sharing knowledge of fitness and the body. I believe that taking care of our bodies starts with the mind, and I have been able to make an impact on empowering others to reach their full potential through mindset training and encouragement. Since I have worked through many injuries, I have the understanding, patience, and motivation to help others work through imbalances and injuries. She brings this approach into her ballroom dance instruction.