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Melt Method

I offer customized training sessions utilizing strength training, the MELT Method®BodyART™, and Pilates with the your goals first! My diverse background in fitness, injury recovery and prevention, sports, and dance and entertainment help me to understand and develop a program tailored to your needs! 

Private training sessions are tailored to the client's fitness goals and are held at the client's location of choice. 

  • Individual or Small Group Sessions

  • Fitness Programming for Studios and Gyms

  • MELT Method personalized sessions

  • Corporate/Workplace Classes

  • Pop Up Events and In-Store Classes


Contact me for availability and pricing.


What is MELT Method? 


The MELT Method®, by Sue Hitzmann, is a simple self treatment technique that provides a revolutionary approach to pain-free living. Through a carefully coordinated series of movements and the use of specially designed balls and a soft roller, the MELT Method rehydrates the connective tissue (also known as fascia), rebalances the nervous system, and restores space to compressed joints.  

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