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Film Reel

Scenes from cul-de-sac, Continuity, Theatre 4, Edit, and more

Fight Reel 


Riley, an inmate at the Dublin Women's Prison, is the first woman to come forward to reveal some dark truths about the personnel at the prison. Will the investigator believe her and pursue action, or send her back? 

A new journalist must make the choice to stand up for her cause, potentially putting the company in jeopardy with investors, or losing her job.
Theater 4
A woman enters a movie theater one night but finds she is the only person there. After h
er film does not begin, she becomes aggravated and seeks to find an employee.  Her journey eventually brings her to Kathryn, who knows more than she is letting on. 
Nominated for 5 Festivals, Winn
er of Best Indie Short at Dallas Shorts. 
Comedy Clip

Love interest
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Castability Winner

Winner for Castability Scene, Kennedy in "What Goes Around Comes Around" - written in the style of Euphoria
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