Dance Reel
Reel Contents: 
0:04-0:25 "Tango" from Singin' In The Rain 
0:26-0:52 "Dig" from Disney's Believe 
0:53-1:12 Contemporary "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"" from Golden Mickey's
1:13-1:26 Spanish Web (Tarzan/Monkeys) 
1:27-1:41 Hip-hop "Good Times" from Phoenix Concert
1:42-2:07 Pearlettes "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from Villains Tonight
2:08-2:13 Tap "Broadway Melody", Cyd Charisse in Singin' in The Rain
2:14-2:31 "Be Our Guest" from Disney's Believe 
2:32-3:52 Turn Sequence "Villains Tonight" from Villains Tonight