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Based in: Vancouver, BC
Local Hire: LA, Vancouver, Cleveland, Nashville, NYC

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In May 2024 recently wrapped a feature film, Shredded, that she co-created with Adam Michael from Candid Life Entertainment. The World Premiere will take place at the Columbiana Cultural Collective on April 27th, 2024. For tickets, click here. For the official trailer, click here

Makayla's first lead in a feature film, Cul-de-sac, premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival, and won best style. Cul-de-sac also won Best Feature Film at the Youngstown Film Festival.

In December, she filmed "Suggested For You", a sci-fi comedy short premiering at the Okanagan Screen Awards on March 3rd. She also served as co-producer and co-writer. 

Theater 4 won best short at the Dallas Short Film Festival. Makayla played the lead, Kathryn.

You can watch the film here.

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I am often described as sweet with a bite. I have a no bullshit attitude with charming strength. If G.I. Jane has a remake, I'm ready. Thanks for stopping by! I’m a Vancouver, BC based film actor and writer that was born in the small town of Newton Falls, Ohio where the only thing we are known for is a zip code of 44444. I have trouble memorizing new zip codes (but not lines).

     Before transitioning to film, my musical theater career consisted of  performing in the premiere Grand Ole Opry cast of How the Grinch Stole Christmas the Musical as Punky/Reno, regional equity houses around the country, and performing on Disney Cruise lines as the female swing! Highlight of my musical theater career was touring with the National Tour of A Chorus Line, working with Baayork Lee, performing the roles of  Cassie and Val. 

     Since transitioning into film, I've had the pleasure of doing many nominated and festival-award winning indie films. Diving headfirst into producing, I co-created, co-wrote, and produced my newest feature film, Shredded, premiering in 2024. I'm also an action, and stunt actor, building on my dance foundation and training with Vancouver Action Training School. 

     Also passionate about fitness and injury-prevention, I completed my comprehensive pilates certification in New York City, later becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. When not on stage or set, I help others work through traumatic injuries and get their superhero bodies.


Currently, I reside in Vancouver & NYC with my partner, surfing on the weekends in the Rockaway's, or hiking in Vancouver. When not working on set or creating a new project, I am snuggling my pups, lifting at the gym, or surfing. 


I'm super passionate about sustainability and the environment! Let's create more sustainable film sets, cool? 



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